Nakivale refugee settlement is located in Isingiro district in South Western Uganda, close to the borders of Rwanda and Tanzania. Established in 1958, Nakivale is one of the oldest refugee settlements in Africa and is home to approximately 125,000 refugees from across the region.

Nakivale is sub-divided into three administrative zones: Base Camp, Juru and Rubondo, with Base Camp the most densely populated. The settlement is agriculturally productive and fed largely by neighbouring lake Nakivali. Situated in a rural location, access to Nakivale is only possible by road.

MTN and Africell are the dominant mobile operators in Nakivale and been in present in area for around 10 years.

The settlement has only one cell phone tower, installed by Africell in 2013 and located at the center of the settlement in Base Camp. As a result, the majority of refugees use Africell because it has a better signal strength as compared to MTN.

Many of those living in Rubondo and Juru zones must travel to Base Camp to get a good mobile connection, or access to the internet.